Your Sparkling Soul

August 19-21 via Zoom

9am – 1pm Pacific Time Zone 


Come on a 3-day journey into non-ordinary reality where you will develop skills to perceive subtle energies around you, to clear those that are negatively influencing you, and to form relationships with compassionate spirit allies who offer support and guidance toward a beautiful, empowered life.


It is our nature as energetic beings to become entangled with other energies as we move through our day and along our lifetime. For example, during our interactions with other people, we may absorb something from them and leave something of ourselves with them. When we are thinking about a person, place, or thing, our consciousness goes out and touches it, drawing that vibration into our biofield. Additionally, we can be affected by the Collective Field of energy and emotional contagion broadcast by others. With our energies scattered and our biofields cluttered, we can begin to feel fatigued, agitated, and confused. It can even become difficult to know what we want, think, or feel.  


In this highly experiential course, you will learn to perceive the energies around you and then practice clearing what isn’t yours and retrieving what is. You will be introduced to Compassionate spirit beings who will help support your journey toward Sovereignty. Then your Sparkling Soul will shine brightly! You will reconnect more deeply with your true self and realign to the purpose for your life.

Early bird cost is $300 if registered by July 30th. After that the cost is $350.  

Please email me at for a registration form and payment information. Put "Your Sparkling Soul" in the subject line.