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Welcome to This Disclaimer contains important information that Diane Puchbauer, Psy.D. needs to share with you and for you to understand.


All information provided on this website is of a general nature about Diane Puchbauer’s psychotherapy services and must not be taken as advice or promise of an outcome. The information contained on this website is informational and educational in nature and is not psychological advice. 

Information provided is not intended to replace or to be a substitute for medical, psychiatric, psychological or behavioral health care advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This site has links to other websites. No liability is assumed, nor any control suggested, over the content that is posted on linked sites, nor any materials that are sold or emailed by other linked websites.

Reading the information contained on this website is not intended to substitute for obtaining professional psychological services from an appropriate medical, psychiatric, psychological, or behavioral health care provider. Transmission of the information on this website, and the reading of it by the visitor, is not intended to create or constitute a professional relationship between Diane Puchbauer, Psy.D. and the visitor.


Any information, quotes, or stories do not constitute a warranty, guarantee, or prediction regarding the outcome of any visitor’s experience using the material on this website for any purpose or issue. Therapy is a partnership in which the client seeking therapeutic help is expected to participate fully in their own change process. The therapist is akin to a wise guide along the path to achieving the stated goals of the client. I respect the intelligence of the visitors and believe that with the appropriate tools and resources (including advice from healthcare professionals), they can make informed decisions in their best interests. Therefore, visitors are solely responsible for how they use the information, therapies, or technologies listed on this website and any linked sites.

Diane Puchbauer, Psy.D. accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the use or misuse of the information contained on this website. By viewing this website, the visitor agrees to hold harmless and forever fully release Diane Puchbauer, Psy.D. from any claim of liability and for any damage or injury which they may incur in relation to their use of this website.


Accessing and using this website constitutes acceptance of the provisions, policies, disclaimers, and waivers presented in this DISCLAIMER & TERMS OF USE STATEMENT.

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