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Tune in to your deepest wisdom and
reconnect to your authentic self


Beneath all of the difficulties that life has offered to you exists your True Essential Self~that part of you that is undamaged by negative life events and remembers

joy, love, peace, wisdom, and connection.


In order to live your most Authentic self, it is necessary to

clear out the effects that negative life events has had on your being.


Then you can truly experience the highest possible version of yourself and

achieve your highest potential!


Many people have the feeling that they are not living up to their potential. Maybe life events have derailed them from their dreams or they feel buried by stress and overwhelming obligations.


If you can relate to that, I may be able to help you remember what you came here to do and reconnect to your purpose.

I am passionate about helping families and individuals, especially in this challenging society that tends to overwhelm us with its hectic pace and relentless pressures. I respect the uniqueness of each person and so my therapeutic work is modified to fit each person's needs. For example, in conjunction with traditional talk therapy, I may use a variety of creative and experiential techniques such as: 


~Energy Psychology and Energy Healing (go to for more information) for the resolution of anxiety, depression, anger problems, addiction, and the effects of trauma. When the negative energies of trauma that you have experienced and inherited from your ancestors are cleared away, then you can open to joy, peace, and happiness. 


~Emotion-Focused Therapy for couples and families  (which has been empirically validated by robust research) to help you reconnect to yourself, your loved ones, and your deepest needs.


~Brainspotting to dissolve traumas and to optimize all areas of life, including athletics, arts and music, and acting.


~ Mind-Body-oriented therapy to teach mindfulness, emotion regulation, self-awareness and self-love, to help you live with equanimity, balance, and harmony. 


~Holistic health orientation. I strongly encourage clients to work with practitioners who holistically and integratively treat the physical body to improve their nutrition, fitness, and flexibility in order to support the whole self in the healing process. I am happy to collaborate for the highest good of my clients.

~Equine Assisted Therapy. Horses have an incredible ability to help us learn to be grounded, authentic, and live from the heart. They give visible and powerful feedback about our current state of mind and emotions. 

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Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

Carl Jung, MD


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